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Wreck The Royal is a GM-less narrative TTRPG about overthrowing a terrible monarch, designed for 2+ players. As a group you’ll make up a plan and execute it in three phases (setup, footwork, and climax). During each phase players will take turns overcoming the obstacles fate puts in your way. Estimated play time is roughly 1-4 hours, depending on group size and play style.


Originally submitted for a game jam, I was pretty unhappy with the game in its incomplete/rushed state. I de-listed it and intended to polish it up over the next few days, but things got away from me, it's been a few months, and I just wanted to get it finished and back up so I could check it off the list. I'm still unhappy with numerous parts of it, but want to move on, so this slightly rickety and unpolished version is likely to be the final one. My hope is that even if it's not a particularly great game as-is, that it could be easily hacked into something players might enjoy, and/or contains enough interesting design elements that other amateur designers might be inspired by some part of it. 


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