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There is a saying, “All knowledge returns to Astingrad”. A library older and larger than most cities, Astingrad owes its endurance and reputation to its impressive retrieval teams. Players take on the role of these strange groups that recover overdue or stolen books, protect its knowledge, and procure new objects of interest to help grow its massive and mysterious collection. 

Astingrad 24XX is a rules-lite/mini TTRPG that assumes some very basic tabletop gaming knowledge (and a bit more if you're GM-ing). It's more character focused than other 24XX games, scrapping currency in favour of character features. It assumes that weird is more interesting than practical, and (although only for a few roll results) an ability to engage with tricky topics critically.

Originally created December 2020, for the 24XX jam .


- Once I have a little more free time I intend to do a revision pass on most of my currently published itch games to ensure they hit quality & accessibility standards I'm (where possible) happy with. For Astingrad that'll involve making a more accessible & printer-friendly version. Would still like to make character sheets, but making online versions has proven tricky for technical reasons. 
- Big thanks to the folks who've been buying Astingrad lately, getting to add more community copies always makes me happy.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Just wondering, are the features defined anywhere? Love the concept here btw! Makes me think of the Wanderer's Library and the Library of the Neitherlands from the Magicians (both of which I love dearly). 

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Glad you like the concept! Features, the descriptors in [square brackets], are not described in detail. Part of that's just me trying to stick to the 24xx patterning/SRD. 24xx games in general are very rules light & house rule friendly, so my defacto advice would be to quickly hit on potentially unclear or confusing bits with folks at the table before play & settle on a consistent & cool/empowering ruling.

Definitely one of my favourite games I've written from a flavour perspective, even though it's so small. Returning to the setting with a more mechanically robust or tailor-made game system is something I'd like to do at some point. Fill out more of the library and the world at large.


Love this game concept.  

Here's the perfect source material for it:
The Madman's Library