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The Exquisite Golem is a collaborative narrative play-by-post game, designed for use on discord, players taking turns detailing the life of a mysterious golem.  It's a simple one-page  game, with rules primarily focused on ensuring that the play-by-post experience operates smoothly. The optional "rolls"  rule assumes you have the Avrae discord bot installed.

Future development may include wording or rule refinements, or mild rewriting to make the rules platform agnostic. If that happens I may raise the price to $1 (the watermark on the image being preemptive). 

The "Basic Premise" from the rule is as follows:  

A few strange golems exist, scattered across the world. All of them unspeakably ancient, unique, and durable. Their actions are similarly inscrutable. Sometimes lying dormant for decades, sometimes taking on full and vibrant lives. Although, even when active they tend to stutter. A slight flicker in their eyes, a pause in their actions. Perhaps it’s decay, perhaps it's simply how they were made. Much about them is unknown, even to the golems themselves. This is the story of one such golem.


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