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In Wandering Steel, players take on the role of beings that survived or were created by the ELDRIS disaster, a man-made catastrophe that ravaged Korvorak, destroying the island and warping what survived. Hidden from the rest of the world, it’s up to them to survive the strange threats that have arisen from the corporate rubble and find new meaning. Whether that means salvaging old work, escape, vengeance, or something else.

Wandering Steel is a ~41 page (half letter) narratively focused TTRPG. It uses a custom rules system similar to but distinct from PbtA games, generally focusing less on genre emulation and more on light tactics and surviving dangerous situations. The rules best support short campaign encounter oriented play, focusing on a few big moments in the lives of the player characters. 

Content Warnings: Vague massive cataclysm (grey goo), Vague medical/scientific malpractice, incidental genre tropes surrounding societal rebuilding.

Some things (like a digital character sheet) are still in the works, but long term development depends on support/interest. Any feedback on the game is best directed to symphoneers@gmail.com 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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This is such a fantastic experience to read and play, I've been thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.