A solo journaling game about finding a mystical tree from your youth.
One page of roll tables to help you ponder an orb.
Play as Weatherman agents in this narrative first espionage game.
A solo TTRPG about entering strange realities.
Fight for meaning in the rubble of corporate malfeasance.
Play a team that retrieves dangerous books in this lo-fi surrealist 24xx TTRPG.
A one page TTRPG about escaping from fascism.
Players band together to deal with an event that's shaken their community.
A 1+ player TTRPG about how we influence the world around us.
A one page TTRPG tool to help explore fantasy faiths.
A collaborative narrative play-by-post game, designed for use on discord.

Solo Mental Health Games

Rules-lite games with a focus on self reflection/improvement. I make them to de-stress.

Experimental/Unfinished Games

WIP or ill-designed games that are interesting enough to be public.

Digital Games (FPS)